Advanced electronics can effectively recognize sudden sound impulses like a gunshot and smoothly attenuate them. Users thus do not hear and are not disturbed by the sharp clicking sound that usually occurs with other electronic hearing protectors on the market. Listening microphones allow hearing ambient sounds and, depending on the set volume level (up to 82 dB), transmit them to the headset. This increases the user's situational awareness, which will be appreciated not only by hunters, for whom every perception is important in tracking game, but also by shooters at the range, allowing them to converse with the attending instructor.

The 3M Peltor Sport Tac are electronic earphones that eliminate shooting noise with a single sound circuit. They help prevent hearing damage and, thanks to the external microphone system, also improve your spatial awareness.

As for carrying the 3M Peltor Sport Tac headphones, a clever folding design makes it suitably easy.

Double-point connection elements allow even pressure distribution in the padding area: as a result, the 3M Peltor Sport Tac headphones will feel comfortable even during prolonged use. The ear cups are highly adhesive and stay in place, even during abrupt head movements, therefore they hold on the head excellently

Parameters and specifications:

  • Type – electronic, circumaural
  • Weight – 318g
  • Power supply – 2x AAA batteries
  • Usage time – approx. 600 hours
  • Connection – 3.5mm connector (jack) stereo input for listening
  • Other features – Impulse noise protection, automatic shut-off function, low battery warning

3M™ Peltor™ Sport Tac Hearing Protectors

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