What holster do you recommend for a beginner?

We recommend a holster with 0 degrees cant, with half sweatguard and steel belt loops. Such parameters also have our holsters listed on our e-shop, which we have in stock.

I want a holster in a different configuration or color than you normally have on eshop. What should I do?

In this case, please fill out our Order Form in which you will select all the details of the holster. You will immediately see the price, in the next step you can fill in your personal details and place the order. However, if it is just a minor change or color change, you can put it in the order note.


Is the price of the custom holster different from the holsters on the eshop?



How long does it take to make a custom holster?

We usually produce the holster within 7-10 business days. However, sometimes we are too busy and it may take a few days longer.


Do you also make the holsters for left-handed shooters?

Yes, we just don’t keep them that much in stock. However, we produce them regularly. Just select the left in the orientation box.


What is the Compatibility of Glock holsters for different generations?

Glocks gen 3., 4., 5. will fit the same holsters.


Where can I see and try your holsters?

You can see our holsters at our company or in stores that offer our products. Their list is listed at the bottom of our website and its number is constantly growing. You can also see them at our partners, who use our holsters every day for training or at LOS-SK, which we also sponsor.


I own a gun shop or goods related store to your products. Are you interested in cooperation? Can I become your dealer?

Of course. Just contact us by email or phone. We will settle the terms and send you a wholesale price list and catalog.


I’m right-handed, so I carry magazines on the left side of my body. Which holster should I buy?

In this case, when ordering the magazine holster, enter “right“. It is clear to us that there should be magazines on the left side of the body with the bullets forward.


What is Sweatguard and what types of Sweatguards do you have?

Sweatguard is the rear / inner extended part of the kydex holster, which protects the weapon against sweat and prevents direct contact with the body. It also keeps the weapon from the clothes, which could be pulled up and obstructed when holstering the weapon.

We offer 3 types of sweatguards: none, half and full.

The full sweatguard has all the above features. The disadvantage is that it can felt within movement when the weapon is not in the holster. For example, LOS competitions.

The half sweatguard is a compromise while maintaining the characteristics of keeping away the weapon from clothing and holstering the weapon in the holster. Its advantage is a reduced holster size. About 80% of customers choose this type of sweatguard.

The holster without sweatguard is chosen by some shooters and members of the armed forces who want as tiny holster as possible. The disadvantage is the occasional entry of clothing into the holster – but the more experienced it will not have a problem.

The EVOKYDEX holsters have a sweatguard included in the price, so we do not charge a fee for this benefit.


Will the kydex holster scratch my gun surface treatment?

Modern weapons have very durable finish. However, with the constant drawing and holstering the weapon in the holster, you may occasionally observe minor scuffing or scaling of some of the small areas of your weapon on which kydex friction occurs. However, it has no impact on the functionality of the weapon, it is just an aesthetic matter. We also make holsters with leather on the inner side, for people who are worried about scratching their weapon.


Is the maintenance of the kydex holster required?

No. You can also find this information on the packaging. From time to time, just tighten the screws. The holster is water resistant, so just wipe it off with a damp cotton cloth.


Is it possible to use a holster made for gun with light for a gun without a light?

We do not recommend, the weapon may fall out of the holster. Each holster is made specifically for a given weapon or weapon with a certain light.


How are your holsters finished at the bottom?

Our holsters are mainly semi-closed at the bottom. This is what 99% satisfy our customers. However, if you have a special request for an open or closed holster bottom, just let us know.

Didn’t find your question here? Feel free to contact us! We will also be happy to advise you in choosing the right holster for you!