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Tactical belt ASSAULT, Austrialpin Cobra 18KN, 2-layers, MOLLE, (45mm)

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Two-layer, rigid belt for special purposes, especially for carrying gear, gun holsters, magazines and other accessories. The MOLLE system ensures perfect stability of the equipment. Compatible with EVOKYDEX holsters and with molle malice clips found in the accessories for the holsters.

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Double layer belt for special purposes, especially for carrying a gun holster, magazine pouches and other accessories.

Combination of inner Velcro belt and the main belt outside keeps everything in its place, gives the maximum stiffness of the belt and prevents the belt moving when you draw the gun from its holster or magazines from their pouches.The inner belt is only complementary to the main belt, it cannot be used as an only belt as it is fastened only with a Velcro section.The main belt is fully functional, it can be used alone as a rigid belt like Bayonet Thirdline, but it is a bit stiffer because of the inside layer of Velcro.The ASSAULT belts use Ansi 18kN COBRA buckles with matte black anodizing (this kind of coating is more durable than the powder coating).

Inner belt inserted into the belt loops of trousers:

  • single-layer,
  • Velcro hooks sewn on the outside of the webbing,
  • fastened with Velcro loops.

Main belt attached to the inner belt:

  • sewn with two layers of webbing ,
  • Velcro loops sewn inside,
  • Cordura cells molle standard sewn outside
  • end of the belt secured with Velcro,
  • adjustable waist: 15cm,
  • available sizes below,
  • fastened with Ansi 18kN AustriAlpin Cobra buckle, matte black D-Ring, matte black release clips


Belts are different in stiff, for your imagine, I created this grade:

  • rigid – 2 layers belt or rigid webbing belt, difficult to change vertical shape between fingers, ideal as third line belt for gun holster, pouches and magazines.
  • medium rigid – ideal for hidden carry light guns, for sheath with knife, for pouches, also enough comfortable for every day carry, for casual trouser. The best compromise between useful and comfortable
  • soft – comfortable, webbing ideal for carry light accessory like light folder or small pouches, best for casual trousers and shorts.
  • very soft – like safety belts, very soft, can’t carry accessory on belts, full comfortable.

NOTICE: the buckle is tool not jewelry, if you encounter some small mistakes in color or small scratches, then please don’t treat this as failed parts. We try to make the highest quality belts also aesthetically. 

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Black, Coyote brown, Olive green


S – 75-90cm, M – 85-100cm, L – 95-110cm, XL – 105-120cm, XXL – 115-130cm

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