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Leg holster SAFARILAND 6004 STX-Light

299.90 incl. VAT

We will produce the holster according to your preferences. If you are not sure what the parameter means, all the parameters are explained in the description below. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Gun selection

The most important parameter. Kydex holsters are made exactly for a certain type of weapon. According to it, the holster is molded so that the weapon holds perfectly in it and does not need a manual safety. Please choose the weapon you want to make a kydex holster for. We are constantly expanding the list of available weapons.

Light selection

The holster can also include a tactical light on the weapon. However, the shape of the holster depends on the specific type of light, so please choose from the following menu. If you do not have a light on your gun, please select first option ,,no light´´.


Choose the color of your kydex holster. A dual combination is available for our OWB and suit holsters, so the color may differ from the front and back of the holster. Within other types, you can choose only the color of whole holster.



The shape of the holsters differs whether you are left or right handed. In the case of a magazine holster, if you are right-handed, holding the weapon in your right hand, the location of the magazine holster on the left side is automatically selected – they differ in construction.

Type of attachment

  • Steel loops (OWB) – 40, 45, 50 mm – Recommended!
  • Speedclips (OWB) – 40, 45mm, plastic clips without the need to go thru the belt
  • Flushclip – metal buckle – 40 or 45 mm (IWB)
  • Paracord (Triggerguard)


Special accessories on the weapon

Some of our customers have custom modifications on their weapons. We offer you those that can affect the correct fitting of the weapon into our holster. If you have any of the above adjustments on your weapon, please mark it.


The inner side of the kydex holster, which prevents the body from coming into contact with the weapon. It also has an effect on the comfortable insertion of the weapon into the holster. We offer three types of sweatguards. If you still can’t decide, we recommend the half version of the sweatguard, which is chosen by about 80% of customers.


Adjust the angle of the weapon in the holster to your body. Every customer carries a weapon in a different part of the body, so this parameter is more of a personal preference. As a rule, you should choose it so that drawing the weapon is as easy and fast as possible for you.

  • 0° Recommended!
  • 10°


It’s a great idea for an ideal gift for a shootert! If you are interested in engraving, please enter the text in the box. However, engraving can extend the waiting time by a few days


All our holsters are made of kydex, which is:

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