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Safariland UBL Mid-Ride

27.90 incl. VAT

Kydex RTI UBL Mid-Ride  Belt-Slide / Fits belts from 1.5″ to 2.00″ and is completely ambidextrous. Works perfectly with any  EVOKYDEX holsters made for Safariland platforms.
Carries the weapon in a “Low Ride, Jacket Slot” position, which is half way between the Belt and our ISS MULE. Perfect for use in areas where you are frequently putting on and removing a jacket, or you want your gun lower and out of the way of armor or chest rigs and you don’t want to use a leg rig.Compatible with Safariland Quick Locking System Kit Set.




Safariland UBL Mid-Ride platforma is the bridge between the belt and leg holsters. It can be used with body armors. You can detach the holster from platform just by one click, also you can change multiple holsters within each other using just one platform.

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