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IWB Gun holster for HK SFP9

From 59.90 incl. VAT

IWB kydex holster for HK SFP9 has detailed shapes. The holster safely fixes the gun, but it does not have a manual safety, which allows extremely fast drawing of the weapon. Low profile and excellent ergonomic guarantee 100% comfort and inconspicuity. All of our IWB holsters have adjustable retention and cant…

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Black Carbon Olive green Coyote brown Kryptek neptune Kryptek mandrake Kryptek raid Multicam

IWB EVOKYDEX holster primarily designed for concealed carry, made exclusively from Kydex USA material, standardly fitted with Flushclip – metal clip, which guarantees a stable carrying of the holster under all conditions. Unique gun mold and minimal weight guarantee the highest possible comfort. The sweatguard also contributes to the comfort, and what is more, it´s included in the product price. The trigger guard is always hidden inside all of our holsters, preventing the accidental shot and ensuring 100% safety, which is a priority. All our products are made exclusively in Slovakia, Europe. Our IWB holster has the following characteristics:

– Metal flushclip or ulticlip

– Adjustable retention using a retention screw

-Adjustable cant 0-10 degrees

-Detail shapes and minimum weight


Kydex is a type of thermoplastic, developed in the US in 1965 as part of aircraft interiors. It was bought in 1987 by Kydex, LLC, which subsequently started to use it for the production of various items, including weapon and knife holsters. Today, for its unique features, it has a wide range of uses both indoors and outdoors.

Kydex is perfectly moldable under high heat, but on the contrary under normal conditions it is perfectly rigid and keeps its shape. In normal use, our products are practically indestructible.

Kydex properties

Our EVOKYDEX holsters are manufactured from a 2 mm thick kydex of different colors and patterns. One of the greatest properties is a very low and solid profile that significantly increases conceability. The holsters are specially made for the specified weapon model, which achieves perfect precision and that the gun doesn´t need to be secured in the holster by manual safey. When drawing, you simply unholster the gun by pulling up. On the other hand, the kydex holster is perfectly molded to prevent self-releasing, even when moving the head down.

Choose the highest quality by  EVOKYDEX.sk.


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Black, Coyote brown, Olive green, Carbon (+10.00€), Black leather (+10.00€), Brown leather (+10.00€), Multicam (+15.00€), Kryptek mandrake (+15.00€), Kryptek neptune (+15.00€), Kryptek raid (+15.00€)





Flushclip – 40 mm, Flushclip – 45 mm


Right handed, Left handed

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