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Largest metal target from the Flip-target company, the XTREME 3000 designed for shooting from large pistols caliber such as .44Magnum and .45ACP but also lighter rifle calibers such as .222 and .223Remington.



The metal targets from the Spanish manufacturer Flip-target made of special steel AR500 type, classified according to the caliber of the weapon, they are the evolution on the market.Targets are completely without screws and welds for maximum durability. When you hit the red part with a diameter of 10 centimeters, the target simply turns and you have another same aim ahead. The projectile’s energy is absorbed by the target´s movement, so you do not have to worry about the bullets trajectory. Revolutionary Flip-Target products guarantee that your current target shooting will change in real fun and perfect training. Moreover, they weigh only a few kilos and are therefore easy to handle.

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.45ACP, .222, .223Remington

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